photo by nathaniel paolinelli


Kelsey Paschich has been teaching nationally + internationally for 18 years. She teaches Countertechnique®, ballet, modern, jazz, choreography, improvisation, history and theory. She is one of seven certified Countertechnique® teachers in the U.S. and is an Assistant Professor of Dance at Western Michigan University. Paschich views dance as a language that can be shared across many mediums and generations. Her joy for movement is paramount in the classroom and she believes that dance has the power to make change for a better world. Throughout her time as an educator, she has created a holistic, inclusive, and progressive approach to dance education that is gentle yet demanding. When working with Paschich, the classroom is a laboratory where all aesthetics are welcomed and valued. All dance is culturally informed, therefore, learning is an active and collaborative process founded in rigor. Her overall goal is to empower the artist by creating an environment that fosters learning, sparks curiosity, and provides agency to the dancer so their human potential can be fully realized through the medium of dance.